Patel v. Flexo Converters U.S.A., Inc.

Employee was injured at Employer's paper bag manufacturing facility while attempting to dislodge a bag that was jammed in a machine. Employee filed this action to recover damages for the alleged intentional misconduct by his night supervisor (Supervisor), claiming that his injuries resulted from Employer's modification of the machine and that Supervisor was Employer's alter ego for the purposes of the intentional tort exception to the Workers' Compensation Act's (Act) exclusivity provisions. The trial court granted summary judgment for Employer, concluding that the Act was Employee's exclusive remedy. At issue on appeal was whether Supervisor was Employer's alter ego under the exception to the exclusivity of the Act for intentional torts committed by a fellow employee identified as the alter ego of the corporation. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that Employee failed to establish a disputed issue of fact as to whether Supervisor was Defendant's alter ego. View "Patel v. Flexo Converters U.S.A., Inc." on Justia Law